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Superior Exterior Painting

The home of Your Dreams Can have a facelift,

You'll Only Be Asking Yourself

"Why didn't I treat myself to this years ago?"

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Beauty And Style To Excite Your Neighbors & Home Value!

Getting your home painted is not just something you do for the sake of having a nice house. It makes a statement about how you care about your residence. Nothing says I’m looking to have a bad year more than having a stucco cracked, faded paint looking home. At Reyes Brothers, our Client-Based Design and Painting Approach gives you a bathroom that perfectly reflects who you are and what you look to get out of each day.

Close your eyes and imagine walking into your fresh Luxury Home Look. You walk up to your newly painted front door that Reyes Brothers just renovated last month. Just before you continue walking in, you pause and reflect. Against the backdrop of an painted desert sunset, picture ready paint job and feeling the excitement in your mind, you wonder….

Why did I wait so long to make this dream a reality? How much will this boost my homes value!?

Nothing makes a great day last ………. then leaving home right 

With a luxury paint job completed by Reyes Brothers. Your Dream is Here.

Here’s how you can make your bathroom your favorite place in your entire home:

  • New Look for Your Home
  • Stylish design
  • Amazing finished pictures
  • Stucco fixed and smooth look
  • Paint that's weather proof to outlast the AZ Sun

Nicely Finished exterior paint job of a happy client in Queen Creek, AZ!

1)Phone Consultation

Get in touch with us to share your vision for your home. We’ll ask for some pictures to better understand your goals, and we’ll schedule an in-home consultation to talk about your ext paint in person.

2)Design & Installation

At the in-home consultation, we’ll identify how to optimize the paint job. We’ll help you choose colors, finishes, and once we’ve signed the contract, we schedule your project and get to work within the week!

3)Love Your Project

Celebrate all the important moments in your life with your friends and family in a bathroom that impresses everybody, looks fantastic, and makes your life more relaxing.

Exterior Painting Prices

Getting an understanding of how much your painting renovation is going to cost should not be like pulling teeth. At Reyes Brothers, we feel it is important to be transparent in order to prevent wasted time. Below is a gallery of some of our projects where they were and how much those customers paid. The main factors are:

  1. Size of Home & complexity
  2. Paint Finish (issues with stucco, repairs, wood restoring, etc)

Base Painting Finish*

$2.5k - $5k

Includes signature cabinets with new countertops, tile, upgraded lighting, and Floors. The fastest bathroom upgrade available. Contract to Home in 30 days

Average Exterior Paint*

Base + $1k - $3k

Higher-end coats, upgraded and extended lighting, and new wood. Can include knocking down a wall to open up the space.

High-End Paint Experience*

Base + $3k - $5k

Fully custom paint with custom colors, high-end finishes. *Red Carpet Photo Shoot Included


*Prices are averages and may change depending on the size of your home, your choice of materials, finishes and the overall customizations. You’ll receive an exact quote for your unique paint job after the in-house consultation.

Idea Inspiration

If you’ve got some big plans to paint your home but don’t know where to start, browse our gallery below for some inspiration. If anything catches your eye, don’t forget to mention it during our phone consultation. Together we’ll work on customizing the design until it matches your style, your needs, and your budget.

outdoor lamps turned on
white concrete house near green tree during daytime
white concrete house surrounded by trees
white concrete house near trees at daytime
green palm tree near brown wooden house during daytime
green leafed plant near to brown house
AZ Home
AZ Home Painting

Homeowners Like You Say…

Here at Reyes Brothers, we treat your home as if it was our own, and we don’t stop until you’re absolutely happy with every single detail. Besides our love for designing and building incredible home spaces, we also love building strong relationships with our customers. Here’s what other homeowners like you say about us:

Super fast response from the RBC sales team, excellent customer service!! They were able to come out right away to give us a quote- showed up on time and gave a great quote for our forward we chose to move forward & the crew was amazing! They worked hard, cleaned up, and completed the projects quickly and on schedule. Reyes Brother Construction has done a wonderful job and we look forward to working with them again for any future projects! Their employees are always on time, professional and work hard to get the job done in a timely manner- we really appreciate it!

Turn the view from the street Into Your Personal happiness and get the look you deserve